Good morning IV professionals : I’m annoyed about discrimination agst Indian and you will Asia created applicants to possess GC processing moments

Good morning IV professionals : I’m annoyed about discrimination agst Indian and you will Asia created applicants to possess GC processing moments

We would not able make changes on rules today however, we might be capable of geting particular relief to your limitations, that doesn’t ensure it is rules and work out.

Because the You will find said prior to. IV is you, you’re IV. While you are in the similar condition once we try and from the saying the need to do something positive about it, you instantly enroll in IV.

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I guess he’s trying to lift the sunken spirits of this new IV participants. But Personally i think that when SKIL encounters, we are good. It depends with the SKIL

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Thank you

( I got a very disappointed visitors contact me this last week. . . in the Charge Bulletin. He could perhaps not recognize how, adopting the beginning of the the latest fiscal seasons, there clearly was fundamentally no course from the charge numbers. I tried to peaceful him from the advising him he simply needed to be patient. Then i realized exactly how patronizing you to definitely sounded. Just how much stretched performed he need to hold off? He has an approved immigrant charge petition (EB-3) having an earlier 2005 priority date about global group. Thus, I thought i’d try to decide when he could actually rating his green card. I query Atheist dating sites that you bear with me through this techniques. This really is a lengthy blog post, but you to I think you will appreciate training.

I have to alert you now, it math are a try in the dark. I don’t have the ability to of your own variety of pending and approved instances inside for every category of a career centered immigration. not, particular imagine, centered specific decent number, is preferable to mere guesswork. I’d like to walk you through which study.

Although not, I basic request you to forgive myself beforehand, mathematics is why We visited law college. As well as, the fresh USCIS just have not released obvious number (perhaps getting concern about letting people know exactly how much time their waiting will in fact getting).

My attract for it research are typically in the brand new EB-dos and you may Eb-step three categories, because it is in those categories that our clients are very interested. You can find four basic number the audience is finding, None of them are really easy to pick. Let us discover basic number we are using:

Very first, exactly how many accepted I-140 instances was waiting around for a visa number? Centered on AILA’s current liaison meeting with 2, you can find 198,186 “circumstances ready” I-140 petitions looking forward to charge issuance, regarding the EB-dos (52,584), EB-3 (139,737) and you may EW (5,865) classes. Instance ready means (since most readily useful even as we discover), one if the petition are latest, brand new Improvement will be accepted otherwise consular control will begin. Definitely, the fresh new EB-dos numbers are merely for Asia and you may Asia.

Second, just how many pending We-140 times were there at Provider Stores looking forward to adjudication? Depending on the , USCIS Production Posting Report to Congress ( USCIS got 85,970 pending We-140 instances awaiting adjudication. Sadly, USCIS will not break out this new We-140 circumstances contained in this declaration ranging from EB-dos and you will EB-3. These represent the newest numbers I will select.

3rd, just how many pending We-140 times is located at the brand new Area Practices? I’ve little idea! I cannot to obtain anywhere new amounts of times during the local USCIS practices. No-one knows. Extremely. There’s absolutely no report that I could come across where it amount has been released. And, frankly, I really don’t accept that USCIS has actually an exact count on this both (I really do pray it score such as for example a count soon).