This woman is an impossible close but really with ease swayed individual having a good strong libido and you will limited societal event

This woman is an impossible close but really with ease swayed individual having a good strong libido and you will limited societal event

The woman is the latest oldest child regarding Bob Belcher and you may Linda Belcher plus the older sister out of Gene Belcher and you will Louise Belcher. She’s inside eighth amounts. In Spider Room, she likes horses, butts, zombies, guys and you may writing sensual fiction in the clips and her lifetime. She attends Wagstaff College or university with her siblings.


As other countries in the Belcher Members of the family, Tina has tan epidermis, blue eyes, and you will a black bowl-hair slash that a red barrette to the right top, but whenever she works once the their alter ego Dina (Dinner Truckin’). Such as for example Linda Belcher, Tina’s eyesight try impaired and you can she wears servings to improve brand new problem. The girl top was 4’9″ – 4’11” [1] .

The girl usual clothes is actually a white bluish t-shirt, a navy blue top, light tube socks with a purple stripe and you may black colored highest-top boots you to end up like Chuck Taylor Most of the-Celebrities. Much more authoritative facts, Tina wears a reddish dress and you will black shoes. She rests during the a white purple top that have grey bottoms and from time to time slippers.

The girl winter outfits always is simply a red-colored sweatshirt and you can scarf over the lady common blue top, in “Dr. Yap”, if they are snowboarding, she wears a magenta layer and you can skiing jeans. When aside at night for the “The latest Homes Vessel”, playing Cupid for the “The fresh Gene and Courtney Reveal”, and while within horse go camping from inside the “Brand new Pony Driver-er”, she wears a lot of time bluish jeans rather than her top.


Tina’s character are a wacky “every-girl” transitioning of teens to help you puberty. The child in her still clings to her fascination with ponies, rainbows, and zombies while the woman internal teen calls this lady so you can fantasize on zombies making out (which she says is because of enjoying “Night of the fresh Way of life Inactive” at too young an era), and you can creating her emotions/points inside her journal. She and writes sexual fiction on her family members, acquaintances, and other people’s functions, and always considers their no. 1 break, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.. She increases fleeting crushes anyone she deems adorable – and additionally an entire basketball party from twenty-five, such as for example.

A defining element of Tina’s identity was her extreme, precocious libido and you can relationship. not, that is proven to be a https://datingranking.net/de/amerikanische-dating-sites/ simple, age-appropriate focus. The fresh new the total amount out of the girl precociousness is a guy in love teen which have a passion for butts.

Tina’s undoubted boy-craziness is actually a story aspect in many attacks, commonly getting their with the zany issues going after unrequited if you don’t oblivious crushes. The issue is addressed in direct One of new Boyz cuatro Now for Today, whereby initially Tina rejects getting son-crazy, she sooner accepts it as absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed out of.

Tina is really better purpose, but socially uncomfortable. When voting that would suffice a consumer it consider was an effective man molester within the “People Tissue,” Bob says they cannot assist Tina serve your since the she’s crappy having customers. Louise says that it is not the lady fault because she’s autistic, however, Bob rapidly claims Tina isn’t autistic. She screens poor societal knowledge such as longer groaning whenever under great pressure, concealing below tables, naivety, muted mental expression, talking inside the a monotone, believing everything you she hears, that have a highly quick directory of interests and you can topics and taking things also literally.

As well as, Tina does not express feelings most certainly. No matter if times was harsh and you may she’s under enormous degrees of (usually mind-induced) tension, the woman sound is always flat and you can in place of inflection. Actually the woman groans voice disinterested.

Tina provides a strong conscience and you will sense of best and you will incorrect. She thinks inside adopting the laws and regulations which is alert to just how this lady methods connect with anybody else. When she accidents a car or truck helping Bob lay in order to an enthusiastic insurance provider following happen to burns off down a great mans family inside “Tinarannosaurus Wrecks”, she is consumed with shame up until she convinces Bob to share with the actual situation.